Region : QATAR
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P.O.Box: 207056, Doha Qatar
Tel/Fax: +974 44160941

Varm srl, located in Civita Castellana (VT) , realized and patented in 141 nations an innovative line of moveable and automatic MULTI-FUNCTION FURNITURE that allow to have indoors about 40 LT of (also disinfectant) liquid.

All the items are easily transportable in places where the maximum level of hygiene is requested. Studied mainly to be used in HOSPITALS, RETIREMENT HOMES, ELDERLY CENTRES, LABORATORIES, MEDICAL PRACTICES, OBSTETRICS AND VETERINARY PRAXIS and WELLNESS CENTRES, this furniture are also meant for GYMS, CATERING CENTRES and SWIMMING POOLS.

These devices are supplied with digital/analogical card and micro-controller, level sensor, photocell faucet, DC 12 V battery, switches, led and LCD display and a ultra-filtering system which allows to filter viruses, bacteria remains, colloidal materials and legionella, through a separation process at a low pressure and through semi-permeable membranes.

Moreover they are equipped with two power supplies: one with a rechargeable battery which grants a 24 hours use, the other with a 12V transformer to the electrical net.

The furniture are supplied with a specially provided insulation which allows the preservation of water temperature from 40° to 30° for the whole duty.