Region : QATAR
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P.O.Box: 207056, Doha Qatar
Tel/Fax: +974 44160941

Over 30 years our company has grown in terms of production volume and variety of proposals. With an expansion of production and a significant investment in new machinery in 1991 Puntotre become a national leader in the field of bathroom furniture.

Later, with the expansion of the distribution to foreign countries including the United States, Russia, Scandinavia, France and Spain, our company becomes a major player in the international market for bathroom furnishings. Another recent expansion and the consequent growth in production has allowed our company to increase the supply, providing the ideal solution for every kind of bathroom furniture.

Care and attention to the product, research and innovation of line and form, provide an insight Puntotre, as a true partner for those who are looking for bathroom furniture.

A highly flexible modular design, allows to design in a “tailor” its own bathroom, a range of over 300 standard finishes, offers an unparalleled degree of customization, innovative materials and increasingly contribute to the efficient realization of the ideal product for every need.

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