Region : QATAR
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P.O.Box: 207056, Doha Qatar
Tel/Fax: +974 44160941

Palazzani welcomes you to its prestigious headquarters in Casalmorano (CR), an establishment of 17.000m2 on an industrial land of 36.500 m2, created to house technicians, materials, state-of-the-art machinery and an organization whose first commitment is to complete customer satisfaction. A Quality Product in the field of Sanitaryware since 1960.

The production cycle is entirely performed in the plant. The machining department is equipped with modern numerical control tools. The raw materials are carefully selected. We protect the environment with a powerful system to collect and purify fumes and the liquids used in processing. The brass parts are polished before chrome-plating with automatic machines that provide a perfectly smooth surface.

The chrome-plating is the strong point of the production cycle and the quality of the chrome surface is the first thing the purchaser notices. Surfaces are coated with layers of nickel and chrome up to 20 microns thick and must pass the most rigid tests.

Each faucet or mixer consists of many different pieces. They are assembled on semi-automatic or automatic assembly islands. Even packaging is performed on robotized chains. Each piece is subjected to a severe seal test. The machine is equipped with extremely sensitive sensors that detect any leaks before the piece continues on towards packaging.